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Lock is Lit Pinball Podcast

Welcome to the Lock is Lit Podcast! 

Hello!  As you might have noticed, it's been awhile since we made a show, sorry about that.  Life, as it does, get's in the way.  We are both still pinheads at heart and will still be at whatever shows we can attend.  This page will stay up just as an archive of sorts, and hey our shows do have some useful information, and at times, funny bits.  Thanks for stopping by!

Feb 3, 2017

In this exciting, action packed episode, we discuss new pins by Stern, playfield issues, and do a rather long segment on boutique pinball companies!


Stern Aerosmith pin:


Batman '66 issues, more issues throughout this thread:


Pinside thread on Boutique pinball:


Kevin Kulek in court:


Skit-B Discussion on Pinside:


Scoregasm Master from Day One Pinball:


Captain Nemo from Quetzel Pinball:


Pythons Pinball Circus from Circus Maximus:


Medieval Madness Remake by Planetary Pinball:


Magic Girl Pinball by Zidware:


The Big Lebowski/BOP 2.0 by Dutch Pinball:


Full Throttle/Alien Pinball by Heighway Pinball:


Wrath of Olympus by Riot Pinball:


Lexy Lightspeed by Multimorphic:


Timeshock by Silver Castle Pinball:


Thunderbirds by Homepin:


Pinball Gremlins by Vonnie D. Pinball:


Wrath of Cthulu by Rebel Unit:


Spooky Pinball:


And finally, Pinfest 2017: