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Welcome to the Lock is Lit Podcast! 

We honestly are not very good at keeping any sort of show schedule, but maybe that is a good thing, since we also aren't very good at podcasting....hmmmm.

Anyways, our shows do have some useful information, and at times, funny bits.  Thanks for stopping by!

Apr 9, 2019

Welcome to a special episode of the podcast, a mini documentary on Pinball 2000, a list ditch effort to save Williams pinball.  

If this episode  interested you at all, I implore you to watch TILT:The Battle to Save Pinball.  This goes much deeper into the development of Pinball 2000, and the last days of the Williams pinball division.  It also has some fascinating interviews with the people involved, including George Gomez, Pat Lawlor, Lyman Sheats, Roger Sharpe, and many others.  It is available on Amazon Prime Video as well, and you can go directly to it here.

George's Expo '99 Talk on YouTube:


WMS Location Today:


There is also a P2K Collectors Page here:


Planetary Pinball still has some P2K info up as well:


And if you have a P2K pin, the repair guide is here:


And lastly, stay tuned...there will be more P2K info in the next episode, but be warned, Rick will be back.  :)